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Blogs to track my database managment system project. The main target of this project is learning. I am not planning to compete with SQL server - At least not now!

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Software : Dearest of all my friends!

Welcome to my technical blogs.
I am Mohammad Adel, an egyptian developer.I have been programming for 3 years now,I started on june 2002.I started development by learning C++, Direct x and OpenGL, because I was and still a hard-core gamer and I like any thing related to 3D computer graphics, either animated movies or games.
After that, I started learning .NET technology, C#, ASP.NET,XML.
Latelty I started learning software engineering and software security.
On the personal side, I am 21 years old.On My spare time, I play computer game, watch movies and play table tennis.
Regarding myBlogs, This is my first blog ever.My blogs are going to be only technical for those who are interested in software development. I am not going to speak about my personal life here - I am not Tom Cruise!
What I am going to speak about here may be in one of the following software fields or technologies:
3-Software security.
4-.NET Framework.
5-Software engineering.
6-Directx and 3D computer graphics.
Welcome to my blogs and waiting for your comments on them.


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